Increasing Visibility of your Club and our Sport Increasing Visibility of your Club and our Sport

Our sports clubs are the driving force behind sports, but before we get there, we need to put in a lot of work. With 100% volunteers, we’re doing our best, but can we do even better? How do we optimize our efforts? How do we attract more members? And how do we leverage digital tools like our website and social media? During the upcoming BENELUX Hello Hockey Seminar, we’ll delve deeper into these questions. Our goal: to make our club and sport more visible and continually improve our structure.

Collaboration and Networking for Growth This seminar stream (LEADERSHIP) is intended for club board members, staff, and volunteers. Anyone who wants to contribute to the growth of our sport is welcome, including team managers who want to learn more about the club’s structure. In addition to our own stream, participants will also engage with other sessions, such as coaching and coaching women’s ice hockey. Networking with like-minded individuals is a crucial part of this seminar. Experienced international speakers will lead the sessions and are sure to surprise everyone. Don’t hesitate to register; there are still a few spots available before registration closes.

data : 15-16 June, 2024 (9h00 - 17h00)
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