Belgian National U18 teams wins Silver Belgian National U18 teams wins Silver

Last week our U18 National team competed in the IIHF World Championships Div. III in Istanbul Turkey. 18 selected players and 2 goalies played 5 international games against Island, Chines Taipei, Turkey, Mexico, and Israel.

In contrast to many other IIHF tournaments this season, this tournament was one of the few with all countries present. Belgian started the tournament immediately with against Island and got taken by surprise. Following Belgium defeated all remaining teams and ended the tournament tied with Chinese Taipei and Island. Based on the underling scoring results, Belgium received the silver medal behind Chinese Taipei. One goal difference vs Island or Taipei would push our U18 to Gold.

Great job for the team of Marc Fransen en Bob Moris who coached the team to a magnificent result. ALAIN MAESCALCK was selected best player for team Belgium and STIJN RAEYMAEKERS was selected as best goalie of the tournament.

Posted on April 18, 2022 at 20:46 by MV

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