Neck guards highly recommended for senior hockey. Neck guards highly recommended for senior hockey.

Following the tragic accident 2 weeks ago in the UK, the international ice hockey federation and player safety comity has been focussing on the usage of neck guards for all senior players.

The RBIHF already has strict neck guard rules in place, based on the IIHF rulebook and internal competition rules. Therefore, neck guards are part of the mandatory equipment and must be always worn (game and practice) for all junior players up until the U20 age category (indicated on players passport). For the safety of the players, both player and coach must ensure that equipment is worn properly. Note that the age group mentioned reflects to the age category of the player and not the league. Junior player U20 and younger are mandatory to wear neck protection no matter the league they are playing in. Additionally, neck guards are mandatory to participate to any Belgian junior league U20 and below (despite the age for over age players).

For now, in the SENIOR age category, the protective neck guard is still highly recommended. Following the recent deadly accident in the UK, the international ice hockey federation (IIHF) is investigating the possibility to make neck guards mandatory for all participants that participate to the game on the ice.

Awaiting the IIHF announcement, the RBIHF wants to emphasize on the importance of the neck guard and highly recommend the usage of this protective equipment for everyone that participates on the ice during practices and games. We ask clubs, coaches, players and parents to take player safety seriously and ensure that rules are followed in all age groups at practices and games.

The RBIHF will review our rules following the official announcement of the IIHF in this matter.

Posted on November 10, 2023 at 12:00 by MV

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