COLDPLAY SHARKS win the U16 Championship COLDPLAY SHARKS win the U16 Championship

The COLDPLAY Sharks team white of coach Jos Lejeune managed to win the Belgian tile following 15 victories in 16 games. The team scored an impressive 271 goals and was only scored 25 times against. Only one glitch early in the season against Herentals kept the season excited.

Top 3 players for Sharks this season where Ruben De Geest (58 points - 3th place overall), Daan Casteels (53 points - 4th place overall) and Thian Evers (49 points - 7th place overall)

We congratulate the team with the victory and Belgian title and whish them all a great summer !

Posted on May 2, 2023 at 11:55 by MV

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