Bulldogs Liege: Champions of Belgium Bulldogs Liege: Champions of Belgium

LIEGE - BeneLeague winners and champions of Belgium. The team that gets the furthest in the BeneLeague is considerd the best team of Belgium. After a hattrick from Jordan Paulus to get back in to the game after being 1-4 down.

However, it all started badly. Despite a packed stadium, it was Neuwied who opened the scoring. The Liégeois quickly reacted to equalize thanks to captain Jordan Paulus. But the Germans quickly regained the advantage and managed to score one goal after another. 1-4 after the first third, a tough score in favor of the visitors.

Bulldogs are furious when coming out of the locker room and they show it. Jordan Paulus, again, scored his second goal, then his third. The Sang et Marine seem to be relaunching. In the last period, the score no longer changes, but time passes. There are only seconds left to play when the stadium explodes. Hugo Reinhardt has just equalized.

Time for overtime. But the Bulldogs lose a player, excluded for two minutes. The Liégeois resist before being at full strength again. They can go on the attack and Jordan Paulus makes an entire stadium vibrate. 5-4, the Bulldogs are chamions of Belgium for the third time.

Congrats Liege Bulldogs, have a nice summer!!!

Posted on April 4, 2024 at 17:06 by AL

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