The RBIHF has now released the SPORTWAY footage of the entire Cup final.
The full video feed is now free available as promo.

Via THIS LINK spectators can now review the entire game and review the exiting moments and moments they missed.

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Seperate section for Bulldogs and Hyc Fans have been installed. You find the detail in the attachment

Program for the 10-2-2024

Entrance: Main entrance from the ice rink                                                          

18:00                            Entry opens for VIP Guests

18:30                            Entry open for all spectators

19:45 -20:05                 Warming-up

20:05 ?20:20                 Zamboni

20:20                            Line-up

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KORTRIJK - Last Sunday, January 21, Leuven Chiefs and Kortrijk Spurs played the Cup Final in Division 1. The home advantage of their ice rink 'De Piste' did not work out for the Spurs as Chiefs proved to be the stronger team by a clear 12-4 margin. 

The home team scored the first goal through Ablazhevich in the fifth minute, but Chiefs' answer did not take long to arrive. Glevau scored the equalizer. From the second Leuven goal through Soetaert, Chiefs took the lead and did not look back. Especially in the second period, the Chiefs widened the...

Posted on January 23, 2024 at 22:18 by CP