LEUVEN - The national U18 team took on the Young Chiefs today. In the first period, the Young Chiefs were able to attack a few times. But the goals were for the national team. They were able to outscore the Young Chiefs by 4 goals but the Young Chiefs came back to 5-5 in the last period. In minute 56, Toon Geenen was able to provide the winning goal for the national team.

Final score: 5-6 (0-1; 1-3; 4-2)

The Young Chiefs started the match strongly. Some early chances where the national team's defence and goalie had to do their utmost to avoid an goal. The national team quickly got into the match. Many chances and many shots on goal ensured the first goal of the match, in the national team's fa...

Posted on February 22, 2024 at 23:33 by AL

The Ice rink of sport vlaanderen in Herentals was this year's epicenter of the Belgian cup final.
For an overfull stadium both HYC Herentals and BULLDOGS Liege battelled for the Belgian Title.

HYC, playing on home ice pulled the game already early in the first period to their side. Niskanen Roope Juhani #14 shot the puck after 8 minutes in the game past a hard-working Liege goalie, assisted by Mitch Morgan and Vasilyev Alexander. Less than 3 minutes later, Mitch Morgan #67 added another goal to the scoreboard assisted by Vasilyev Alexander and Moons Wannes pushing BULLD...

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Seperate section for Bulldogs and Hyc Fans have been installed. You find the detail in the attachment

Program for the 10-2-2024

Entrance: Main entrance from the ice rink                                                          

18:00                            Entry opens for VIP Guests

18:30                            Entry open for all spectators

19:45 -20:05                 Warming-up

20:05 ?20:20                 Zamboni

20:20                            Line-up

Posted on February 8, 2024 at 21:46 by HVG