This year the RBIHF is representing Belgium at 5 different IIHF tournaments. For the first time 2 women teams U18 (new) and Seniors will be seen at the world championships, for the men 3 teams will be gearing up, U18, U20 and Senior.

The female teams already started their preparations earlier this month in Herentals and Mechelen.
For the U18 men the first selection starts this weekend in Mechelen during the 2-day Hello Player camp. 40 players and 6 goalies will show the best of themselves to qualify for a spot on the National team.

As the U20 team finished their championship last month, the new program picks-up now in November with 2 selection practices, followed by several (midweek) games in December and Janua...

Posted on October 28, 2022 at 08:02 by MV

Day two: BULLDOGS LIEGE vs Istanbul
Article by Bulldogs Liege

The Bulldogs and Istanbul both winners on the first day were fighting for a victory that would undoubtedly give the victory in the pool. The Bulldogs started with a superb opportunity stopped by the goalkeeper. The Bulldogs and Istanbul exchanged penalties but without consequence. Istanbul finally took the lead as a Bulldogs player lost his stick. The Bulldogs were facing 0-1 after a tough period.

The second period started in the same tone, with many penalties on both sides. The Bulldogs earned an incre...

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As winner of the Belgian Cup, the teams receives the opportunity to participate in the Continental Cup. This by the IIHF organised championship for European league winners is played over several rounds on elimination base. Only the winner of each round will move forward.

In the past several other Belgian teams participated in this tournament. White Caps Turnhout, HYC Herentals and now Bulldogs Liege.

Over the 3 next days, we will highlight the tournament on our website, thanks to BULLDOGS Liege for providing us the articles and images. Today we start with Day one:

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