Level 3 coaching certification session in Liege Level 3 coaching certification session in Liege

This year the RBIHF in cooperation with the IIHF organized for the first time in history a Level 3 coaching certification course. 

Over the past years the Belgian coaching development program under Johan Bollue has been proven to be very successful. The RBIHF is investing for 10+ years into the certification of coaches to support our National Youth hockey program. What initially was seen as an elite program has now become a must for every respected coach in Belgium. The Belgian certification program is an IIHF program taught by official IIHF coaching instructors. Depending on the level (LTP, Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3) the course takes 2 up to 5 days, followed by a practical test, a written exam and/or an essay.

Form all the graduated Level 2 coaches only a handful singed-up and invested in the 5 day course. The journey started for 12 students in September with a 2-day seminar in Mechelen, last weekend 8 remaining students finished the last 3-days of the program in Liege.
Compared to the LTP, Level 1 and Level 2 coaching courses is the Level 3 program not organized every year. It was the very first time since the start of the coaching development program more than 10 years ago that the Level 3 certification was organized. The certification process takes an entire year and requires practical experience and dedication to succeed.

The internationally recognized IIHF Level 3 coaching certificate is the highest level that can be achieved in Belgium and will enable the holder to coach the highest leagues. 

We congratulate the students with their efforts and are looking forward to the graduation early next season.

On the picture the 8 candidates : Vadim Guysbrechts, Danny Guysbrechts, David Brunclick, Paul van Aken , Patrick van Noten, Marc Fransen, Gert Peeters, Marc Verlinden.
the 3 IIHF instructors Marius Gliga (ROM), Jarmo Sainio (FIN), Johan Bollue (BEL) (not in the picture)

Posted on May 20, 2019 at 08:00 by MV

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