Finalist Belgian Cup are known. Finalist Belgian Cup are known.

Just like last year HYC Herentals and BULLDOGS Liege will face each other at the BELGIAN CUP FINAL. This season however, it took exceptionally more effort for both teams to qualify. HYC Herentals managed to qualify in 2 games but had to change gear twice to win from GOLDEN SHARKS Mechelen. Following the introduction of the new coach and goalie GOLDEN SHARKS got an energy boost and presented the spectators 2 exciting hockey games from top quality. Both games were decided in the last minutes of the game or in Over time.

Also, BULLDOGS did not have a smooth ride this season. Bulldogs needed 3 games to qualify against a strong playing CHIEFS Leuven. An exceptional victory of CHIEFS on Sunday pushed the series to a midweek game. BULLDOGS played a strong and convincing 3rd game and qualified for the final.

The Belgian Cup Semi Final result pushes the level of the Belgian teams once again to a higher level. With still many challenging games ahead, our spectators are in for a great ice hockey season ahead.

(foto: Kurt Tops)

Posted on December 12, 2023 at 21:16 by MV

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