The countdown has started... The countdown has started...

A couple more nights to sleep and the Continental Cup adventure for ERA RENOMAR HYC can finally start. Starting Friday September 20, Belgian ice hockey fanatics can enjoy the first round of the IIHF Continental Cup in Belgium. As Belgian-Cup winner 1819, ERA RENOMAR HYC is the Belgian candidate and host for this 3-day long IIHF tournament. As the ice-quality in Herentals cannot be guaranteed due to the unreliable temperatures so early in the season, the ice-rink in MECHELEN was selected as venue.

Beside ERA RENOMAR HYC 3 more teams participate to the tournament; KHL Zagreb (Croatia), Bat Yam HC (Israel) en Txuri-Urdin (Spain). Every day 2 games will be played, each day at 4pm and 8pm.

Take advantage from this unique opportunity to see these teams in action!
Tickets are available from our website, several different options are available CLICK HERE

Game schedule:

Friday 20SEP 16:00           Txuri Urdin vs KHL Zagreb 
Friday 20SEP 20:00           ERA Renomar HYC vs HC Bat-Yam Chiefs

Saturday 21SEP 16:00     KHL Zagreb vs HC Bat-Yam Chiefs
Saturday 21SEP 20:00     ERA Renomar HYC vs Txuri Urdin

Sunday 22SEP 16:00        HC Bat-Yam Chiefs vs Txuri Urdin
Sunday 22SEP 20:00        KHL Zagreb vs ERA Renomar HYC

Posted on September 13, 2019 at 12:00 by MV

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