Bulldogs Liege on Continental Cup (Day Two) Bulldogs Liege on Continental Cup (Day Two)

Day two: BULLDOGS LIEGE vs Istanbul
Article by Bulldogs Liege

The Bulldogs and Istanbul both winners on the first day were fighting for a victory that would undoubtedly give the victory in the pool. The Bulldogs started with a superb opportunity stopped by the goalkeeper. The Bulldogs and Istanbul exchanged penalties but without consequence. Istanbul finally took the lead as a Bulldogs player lost his stick. The Bulldogs were facing 0-1 after a tough period.

The second period started in the same tone, with many penalties on both sides. The Bulldogs earned an incredible chance in numerical advantage at the beginning of the period but the opposing goalkeeper made the stop. Loris Darques was penalized following a turn and check, but Istanbul took the opportunity to score another goal. At the end of the period, the Bulldogs created a scrum in front of the opposing net and almost shot the puck behind a hard working Turkish goalie. 

The third period began with several chances for the Bulldogs, who were counting everything on a numerical advantage.But due to some penalties the Bulldogs were destabilized and Istanbul scored a third goal on a bad exit from the zone. With more than 7 minutes of play, the Bulldogs inherit a numerical advantage. Coach Ulrich Egen tried everything and Boet scored 1-3. Unfortunately another minor penalty was assest and Istanbul rounded it off by scoring one last goal in empty net.

In the end a performance of the highest level of the Bulldogs who can be proud of their game and who will have carried the torch of the City very high against a team composed for the occasion of 14 Russian players.

Posted on October 4, 2022 at 08:00 by MV

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