Playing rule changes for next season Playing rule changes for next season

During the IIHF Conference in Minsk several playing rules were also ammended. The IIHF focuses mainly on the safety of the games and increasing the number of goals scored to make the game more attractive to the wider public.

Therefore several minor and major changes to the playing rules are voted. Following rules are ammended :

Rule 573, change of Players and Goalkeepers

Rule 101, dimensions of the rink

Rule 222, Changes Position of Blue Line

Rule 442, Procedure for conducting Face-Offs

Rule 460, Icing the Puck (hybrid Icing)

Rule 509, Penalty shot

Rule 233, catching Glove

In a couple of weeks our national referee organisation will receive detailed information on all the changes and interpretations. All teams will receive more details on the changes to the lines on the field shortly in order to prepare the rinks for next season.

More details of the changes to the rules will be published on our website on a later stage.

Posted on May 23, 2014 at 14:19 by MV

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