Bulldogs Liège Invincible! Bulldogs Liège Invincible!
After the Belgian Cup, the national championship and the Inter Region Cup, Bulldogs Liège also seized the championship in the BeNe-League. In the fourth final game against Unis Flyers Heerenveen, Bulldogs won 0-3 to decide the best-of-five.
It is the first time that the team from Liège wins the championship in the cross-border competition. Uli Egen's team already dominated the regular competition by finishing in first place with a lead of thirteen points. In the play-offs, only the first home game against Heerenveen was lost. Bulldogs won the next three games to succeed Flyers as champion in the series.
(Source: BNL)
Posted on March 30, 2023 at 00:22 by CP

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