Bulldogs Liege on Continental Cup. Bulldogs Liege on Continental Cup.

As winner of the Belgian Cup, the teams receives the opportunity to participate in the Continental Cup. This by the IIHF organised championship for European league winners is played over several rounds on elimination base. Only the winner of each round will move forward.

In the past several other Belgian teams participated in this tournament. White Caps Turnhout, HYC Herentals and now Bulldogs Liege.

Over the 3 next days, we will highlight the tournament on our website, thanks to BULLDOGS Liege for providing us the articles and images. Today we start with Day one:


The Bulldogs had the honor of opening the tournament against Barcelona. You could clearly feel the tension and Boet Van Gestel was given a 4-minute penalty from the start of the match. Fortunately the Bulldogs were holding on. And it was Oscar Delbrassine who surprised the goalkeeper of the backhand by going around the net. A little later, Barcelona received a major penalty of 5 minutes for an elbow to the face of Loris Darques. The Bulldogs took the opportunity to score two goals in numerical advantage, the first by Jordan Paulus on Bryan Kolodziejczyk's and a second on a deflection by Milan Jurik on a shot from Franck Neven. Bryan Kolodziejczyk had a second assist. Going into the first break BULLDOGS was leading 0-3.

Barcelona started the second half in the same way, with another major penalty and an exclusion following a charge against Andy Kolodjieczyck who remained injured down on the ice for a long time. Michael Distate scored 0-4 with a shot from the blue line on an assist from Yoren De Smet. A period more choppy but well managed by the Bulldogs.

The third period would see the Bulldogs score 3 more magnificent goals, the first by Olaf Schöningh on assist from Julien De Vriendt and the second on a superb dribble by Bryan Henry at a numerical disadvantage. Barcelona ended with many fouls of frustration; Bryan Kolodziejczyk had to leave the match after a cut in the face. The Bulldogs finished in style with another goal from Bryan Henry on assist from Yoren De Smet. Final score 0-7!

In the end a superb start for the Bulldogs, who managed a rather tense game well, and who took advantage of some special occasions to make the difference. Note also the performance of our wall Troy Passingham who kept his net clean with a great shootout. Fingers crossed for Bryan Kolodziejczyk, who was taken to the hospital for further examinations.

Posted on October 3, 2022 at 08:00 by MV

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