Ijshockey- en inline Hockey naar Code ORANJE. Ijshockey- en inline Hockey naar Code ORANJE.
This afternoon, the government decided to put all indoor sports in code ORANGE.
In practical terms, this means that contact is no longer allowed and that we must maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m during all activities. Locker rooms and showers can no longer be used.
Unfortunately, this means that the competition will be interrupted from U14. Training sessions can continue in ORANGE code without competition formats or contact; we therefore recommend training in skating, leggings, helmet and gloves. When the length of a stick is maintained, it is possible to further develop the skills.
In addition to existing measures such as hand washing and masking, regional/local rules remain in force, which in many cases strengthen measures.
For the under-12 development series, the new measures allow the competition and training program to continue as usual, but without an audience. During training and matches, the ice rink or sports skille is exclusively intended for players and coaches (with mask)
The RBIHF is aware of the effect this will have on our sport and competition, but had already taken this possible scenario into account when designing the competition.
As soon as the situation changes or additional news is available, we will immediately inform our clubs, players, parents and supporters via this channel.
Posted on October 12, 2020 at 19:23 by MV

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