Leuven Chiefs takes Belgian Cup in Division 1 Leuven Chiefs takes Belgian Cup in Division 1

KORTRIJK - Last Sunday, January 21, Leuven Chiefs and Kortrijk Spurs played the Cup Final in Division 1. The home advantage of their ice rink 'De Piste' did not work out for the Spurs as Chiefs proved to be the stronger team by a clear 12-4 margin. 

The home team scored the first goal through Ablazhevich in the fifth minute, but Chiefs' answer did not take long to arrive. Glevau scored the equalizer. From the second Leuven goal through Soetaert, Chiefs took the lead and did not look back. Especially in the second period, the Chiefs widened the gap even more and the Spurs choked. Chiefs finished effortlessly in the final period in which Spurs failed to score.

Final score: 12-4 (3-2; 6-2; 3-0).

Interesting detail: Brian Soetaert, former Spurs player who moved jobwise to Meise and consequently started playing for the Leuven club, was good for a hat-trick against his old club. 

Chiefs President Erwin Lauwerysen is proud of his team. "Needless to say, this team is not only very strong in DIV1, but they might even be able to give some BeNe teams a pretty tough time. A real example also for our youth because not only are they very good, but they are also super fairplay. The final was therefore a nice marketing for our favorite sport. No silly events, but beautiful technically played ice hockey that many supporters in Kortrijk certainly enjoyed. This time we were stronger, but every game must be played. Even though we secretly yearn to repeat this in the playoffs, the road to the final is still long. And we must stay with both skates on the ice. I would therefore like to express my gratitude to Julien Zwikel for already bringing the cup to Leuven and we are counting on him and his team to push the championship title towards Leuven as well. I would also like to thank the Spurs of Kortrijk and their many volunteers for the beautiful organization of this final. On to a nice final of the championship and hopefully it can take place in Leuven." 

"About 700 spectators watched an exciting ice hockey game, also thanks to a fine organization by Kortrijk Spurs," said RBIHF director Marc Verlinden. "A new highlight for Belgian ice hockey now that Division 1 also has its own 'Cup Final.' Also, a nice promotion of our sport in West Flanders, with Spurs as the only ice hockey club in competition."

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Posted on January 23, 2024 at 22:18 by CP

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