84 coaches attended National coaching weekend. 84 coaches attended National coaching weekend.

Every season the RBIHF ensures that coaches and officials receive proper training.

Last weekend the National Coaching Clinic took place in Mechelen. This long-standing program started by Johan Bollue more than 10 years ago, attracted this season 84 participants spread over 3 programs (LTP:30, L1:37, L2:17). Simultaneously a Bench Official course was conducted with 36 applications bringing the overall number of participants last weekend to 120 !

The IIHF course was led by 3 IIHF instructors assisted by 2 Belgian Development program leads to insure a proper day-to-day follow-up and continuation. With limited rinks and ice time available in the country, clubs need to provide quality programs to grow our sport, increase the level of play and compete with so many other sports. The coaching program focusses on the basics to assist coaches to further optimise practices and help them preparing a meaningful club program.

Starting this season both Steve Sels (LTP / u8-10-12) and Marc Fransen (L1-L2 /u14-16-18-20) have been added to the National Ice Hockey development division currently led by Marc Verlinden. Both Belgian mentors will manage the day-to-day follow-up for all participants that finished last weekends theoretical session.

All participants will now receive a 1 season limited temporary coaching certificate allowing them to gain practical experience while they complete their examination and practical evaluation. As this season only qualified coaches can be added to the game sheet, all clubs are now ready to start the new season.

As the RBIHF provides beside Coaching certificates also Referee certificates and Bench official certificates, a dedicated person has been added to the development division to manage all individual certificates. This job will be done by Frank Palmaerts, he will be responsible for maintaining the online licensing system and manging re-certification.

Next weekend the focus will be on Player Development as Saturday and Sunday U16 and U18 players are invited to Mechelen for the yearly Hello Player evaluation days.

Posted on September 12, 2022 at 12:54 by MV

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