GOALIE COACH development added to RBIHF certification process. GOALIE COACH development added to RBIHF certification process.

Crucial during games and practices sessions, and often a critical impact on a team. Unfortunately, we find that so little is known about the position of goaltender. How do we deal with goalies, what are the basic skills, how do we integrate goalies into our practices, how do we recruit, etc...  These are all questions that very few team coaches have an answer to.

To change this, the RBIHF is starting a new coach development program in collaboration with the IIHF for  the development and certification of GOALIE COACHES. On september 9-10 this new course will start during the coach certification kick-off weekend.

The RBIHF wants to help the clubs by supporting this position, by offering knowledge and tools that can improve the quantity and quality of our goalkeepers in the different youth teams. We advise all our clubs to have at least 1 certified goalie coach working within the youth program.

What are the requirements to follow this course? Most importantly, every club must have a person who can assist goalies (and parents). An ideal candidate can skate and has a link with the position. This can be as an ex-goalie, goalie parent or ex-player / coach.

The course runs over a whole season, and starts with a 2-day kick-off weekend on 9-10 September in Mechelen. The candidate goalie coaches are further trained and monitored throughout the season. They also form a national working group to promote the position.

The RBIHF hopes to have the first results visible in season 24-25 by having 2 goalies in every U14 team in our league. The RBIHF is working on a scheme that aims to reward teams that comply.

Even more reasons for the club to focus and participate into this initiative and to ensure to participate to the course. Registration is required and can be done via THIS LINK.

Posted on August 20, 2023 at 08:00 by MV

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