Leuven plays 3 finals Leuven plays 3 finals

All semi-finals are over and we know who will play the final in DIV1A, DIV1B and U18. Remarkable: Leuven plays all three finals and therefore has a chance to win three national titles.

In DIV1A, Leuven can prepare for a three-game match-up against Hc Kortrijk Spurs. Hc Kortrijk Spurs beat Sportoase Antwerp Phantoms Geel in three matches.

In DIV1B it is the Future Golden Sharks who play against Leuven Young Chiefs. This evening they will play their first match at 8:30 PM in Mechelen.

Last night the decision was made about the second finalist U18. Bulldogs Liège, they needed three games to get past HYC Herentals. It was also exciting in the last game because Bulldogs won with a narrow score of 7-6. They play against Chiefs Leuven Black.

Photo: Odette Verdoes

Posted on March 29, 2024 at 09:32 by AL

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