Belgian Champion Division 2 , season 2021-2022 Belgian Champion Division 2 , season 2021-2022

Beside the youth competition, we also had cup winners in our National Senior divisions.
Earlier we already reported on PHANTOMS for winning the National DIV-1 cup, but over the next 3 day’s we want to present you the winners of our National DIV-2 , DIV-3 and DIV-4 championship.

Starting off today with one of our largest competitions of the season DIV-2.
10 teams participated to the championship where 2 teams dominated HYC STARS and BRUSSELS CAPITALS.

HYC participated into the competition with 2 teams, but despite 3 losses during the season HYC STARS won the National championship.
Coach Vrancken Yuri guided his team including some young players and to a clear path to victory.

Mathias Raeymaekers and Arne Van Den Bergh lead both the points table with 19 points, followed by Bjorn Valckx with 17 points.

The RBIHF wants to congratulate the players, staff and spectators for a great season and wish them a well-deserved summer rest.
We are looking forward to see everyone back at the start of the new season

More information on the league stats can be found here

Posted on April 28, 2022 at 06:00 by MV

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