LTP-U8-10-12 Calendar meeting. LTP-U8-10-12 Calendar meeting.

Next weekend September 30, HYC will give the kick-off for the LTP (Lear to Play) event organization with the LTP ROB's WEEKEND on September 30, 2023. But also in recent weekends, several mini-tournaments were set up in Mechelen to ensure everyone knows that the new ice hockey season has begone..

Only the calendar for LTP-U8-U10-U12 is still missing, but the annual calendar meeting of wednesday, September 27 will change this. Here all the team managers of the relevant teams come together to create the first part of the calendar. The goal is to fill the available ice as much as possible with multiple cross-ice initiatives.

We expect that by 1 October this development calendar (until January 2024) will be made available online (under the START TO PLAY button)

Posted on September 23, 2023 at 12:00 by MV

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