And the winner is... HYC ! And the winner is... HYC !

Yesterday's Belgian Cup Final in a fully crowded Médiacité between Bulldogs Liège and HYC Herentals ; after an exciting game the Winner of the Belgian Cup 2017 is HYC Kwadro Herentals!
Our congratulations to HYC for the 4-7 win and a big compliment to runner-up Bulldogs for this great evening too! A big '"thank you" to all attendees; the atmosphere was great!

Foto’s Kurt Tops:
Samenvatting RTC Liège:

Bulldogs Liège - HYC Kwadro Herentals: 4-7 (2-1;1-3 ;1-3)

01:25 [0-1] Yente Franssen (Timo Dewin, Dries Leirs)
05:18 [1-1] PP1 Garret Brazzier (Michaël Distate)
14:20 [2-1] PP1 Jordan Paulus (Akim Ramoul, Thomas Matheson)

26:14 [2-2] Mitch Morgan (Jacob Laliberté)
27:20 [2-3] Brent Van Rooy (Vincent Morgan)
28:58 [3-3] Paul Vincent (Thomas Matheson, Akim Ramoul)
29:51 [3-4] PP1 Trevor Hunt (Thijs Van Laere, Jacob Laliberté)

53:47 [3-5] PP1 Vincent Morgan (Mitch Morgan, Jacob Laliberté)
57:51 [3-6] SH1 ENG Mitch Morgan (Jacob Laliberté)
58:38 [4-6] Akim Ramoul (Bryan Henry)
59:50 [4-7] ENG Vincent Morgan (Mitch Morgan)

Most Valuable Players:
HYC Kwadro Herentals, Mitch MORGAN
Bulldogs Liège, Bryan HENRY

Posted on February 12, 2017 at 12:08 by RD

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