Women's SEN Worlds: Belgian Women also beat New Zealand and take gold! Women's SEN Worlds: Belgian Women also beat New Zealand and take gold!

CAPE TOWN - Today, February 24, our national ladies played the third game of their World Championship campaign in Cape Town, South Africa. Today's opponent was New Zealand. It turned out to be another great thriller!

The Belgian Blades are hungry for gold and that was immediately noticeable. Barely 45 seconds aft the puck drop, Lotte De Guchtenaere puts Team Belgium ahead via Femke Bosmans and Anke Steeno. The overwhelmed Ice Fernz counterattack and leave no chance unturned. Rebecca Lilly scores the unexpected equalizer from a long range shot. With just under two minutes on the clock in the first period, the Ice Fernz score a second time to go off the ice with a small lead.

Early in the second, the Blades strike back. Again Lotte De Guchtenaere, beautifully played by Anke Steeno and Chinouk Van Calster. Completely by the book, the trio puts the Ice Fernz on the wrong foot, leaving them clueless. De Guchtenaere appears on fire. Halfway through the period, she again hits the puck against the New Zealand nets. This time assisted by Anke Steeno and Femke Bosmans, the diabolical trio. The Blades successfully finish the period with a penalty killing to go to the dressing room with a narrow lead for the second break.

In the third period, our Blades fully live up to it. The Belgian ladies can keep the Ice Fernz away for the entire period. When, in a last-ditch effort in search of the equalizer to drag the game into OT, the New Zealand coach exchanges the goalie for a sixth player. The Belgians countered the New Zealand attack, Anke Steeno shoots the puck from the blue line towards the opponent's goal, while Lotte De Guchtenaere tips in the puck. Her fourth goal. Which earns her the MVP trophy for Team Belgium. With 8 goals in 3 games, De Guchtenaere also leads the top scorers ranking! The Belgians are certain of gold, even with one last match against hosts South Africa on Sunday 26 February.

Final score NZL vs. BEL: 2-4 (2-1; 0-2; 0-1) with 4 goals from Lotte De Guchtenaere.

Team MVP Belgium: #6 Lotte De Guchtenaere

Competition schedule

21/02/23 - 20:00 (19:00 CET) – BEL vs. CRO: 10-1

22/02/23 - 16:00 (15:00 CET) – BEL vs. AUS: 1-0

24/02/23 - 16:00 – (15:00 CET) – NZL vs. BEL: 2-4

26/02/23 - 18:00 (17:00 CET) – RSA vs. BEL:

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