Women's World Championships SEN: Our ladies in South Africa Women's World Championships SEN: Our ladies in South Africa

CAPETOWN - On February 18, our ladies traveled to South African Capetown where they will participate in the IIHF World Championship DIV2B that will take place from 20-26 February. Our ladies were promoted from DIV3A last year and therefore face a major challenge: to stay in this group in the first place, but also to try to return home with a medal.

In addition to hosts South Africa, their opponents are Australia, New Zealand, and Croatia. Fifth opponent Turkey withdrew due to the huge earthquake in the country.

Our ladies will start their campaign against Croatia on Tuesday 21 February. Immediately a formidable opponent. All matches can be followed online via live streaming.

GK # 1   Van Orshaegen Nina
GK #20 Swinnen Charlotte
D   #21 Horemans Petra 
D   #16 Bollen Léna 
D   #11 Leyen Eline
D   #18 Van Calster Chinouk
D   # 8  Wagemans Jirne 
D   #12 Willemot Roosje 
D   #14 Van Hoof Ans
F   #19 Bosmans Femke
F   #10 Boon Cato
F   # 9  Steeno Anke
F   #17 Paulissen Louise
F   #13 De Wolf Renée
F   # 3 de Terwangne Audrey
F   # 6 De Guchtenaere Lotte
F   # 7 Meulebrouck Noor
F   # 5 Maka Valentine
F   #22 Sempels Fenna
F   #23 Azitemina Kudidila Abby

Coach: Tim Vos

Coach: Sven Van Buren

Team Manager: Brigitte Correwyn

Equipment: Peter Wouters

Medical: Carolien Boeckx

RBIHF Delegate: Hub Van Grinsven

Posted on February 20, 2023 at 08:38 by CP

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