Team Belgium U18M also wins fourth match in a row beating New Zealand Team Belgium U18M also wins fourth match in a row beating New Zealand

ISTANBUL - Today, March 8, the Men's U18 team played the fourth match of its World Championship campaign (DIV3A) in Istanbul, Turkey. After victories against Turkey, Mexico, and Bosnia & Herzegovina earlier this week, the Belgians again finished the job today against New Zealand.  

The Belgians take the lead midway through the first period. Delport (#22/BEL) and Laeremans (#18/BEL) set up and Van Bruyssel (#19/BEL) finishes. Less than a minute later, Gregory (#8/BEL) nets the puck past goalie Price (#1/NZL) a second time via Schoovaerts (#12/BEL) and Jouret (#6/BEL). The Belgians are on a roll as in the twelfth minute Willems (#7/BEL) provides a third goal, assisted by Laeremans (#18/BEL) and Delport (#22/BEL). In the seventeenth minute, Koptev (#14/NZL) makes a first attempt to bridge the gap.

Six minutes into the second period, Team New Zealand catches up. MacDonald (#11/NZL) outsmarts goalie Scheyltjens (#1/BEL). Three minutes later, however, Van Bruyssel (#19/BEL) puts Belgium back on track. He scores on assists from Laeremans (#18/BEL) and Berckx (#23/BEL). Pandini (#16/BEL) further widens the gap with a fifth goal for the Belgians.

In the final period, the Belgians grab some penalties. With Vermeulen (#17/BEL) on the penalty bench for charging, Paterson (#16/NZL) scores the third counter-goal. Laeremans (#18/BEL) almost immediately provides a rebuttal and finishes off on a pass from Delport (#22/BEL). When New Zealand saw two players disappear to the penalty bench, the Belgians struck inexorably via a well-oiled power play. Hat-trick for Van Bruyssel (#19/BEL) who finishes via Berckx (#23/BEL) and Laeremans (#18/BEL). However, when Pandini (#16/BEL) serves a penalty for holding an opponent, the other side scores one last time through Paterson (#16/BEL). In vain, however, as the Belgians once again take points and remain leaders in the standings!

Final score: NZL vs. BEL: 4-7 (1-3; 1-2; 2-2)

MVP Team BEL: Finn Gregory (#8)

Game Schedule

04.03.2024 – 18:00 – TUR vs. BEL: 3-5 

05.03.2024 – 14:30 – BEL vs. MEX: 8-0

07.03.2024 – 11:00 – BEL vs. BIH: 9-2

08.03.2024 – 11:00 – NZL vs. BEL: 4-7

10.03.2024 – 14:30 – BEL vs. ISL

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