Team Belgium U18M skates smoothly past Mexico Team Belgium U18M skates smoothly past Mexico

ISTANBUL - Today, March 5, the Men's U18 team played the second game of its World Championship campaign (DIV3A) in Istanbul, Turkey. After a first victory against Turkey, the Belgians skated smoothly past the Mexicans who could barely offer any defense.

The puck hardly dropped; the Belgians start their second game strong. Within the first minute, it's already bingo. Laeremans (#18/BEL) scores the first goal via Delport (#22/BEL) and Jouret (#6/BEL). Midway through the period, Willems (#7/BEL) solo outsmarts Mexican goalie Cucuraqui (#25/MEX).

In the second period, the Belgians continue their advance. And it goes almost effortlessly. No less than five goals follow one another. The Belgians are on a roll! Van Bruyssel (#19/BEL) - twice -, again Laeremans (#18/BEL), Hendrix (#4/BEL) and Geenen (#21/BEL) widened the gap in just ten minutes consecutively.  After the Mexicans' goalie change, Pandini (#16/BEL) netted the eighth. 

In the third period, the Belgians do take some penalties, but remain masters of the game and prevent any goal chances from the Mexicans. The Belgians pocket three more points and currently lead the ranking.

Final score: BEL-MEX: 8-0 (2-0; 6-0; 0-0)  

MVP Team BEL: Van Bruyssel (#19)

Game Schedule
04.03.2024 – 18:00 – TUR vs. BEL: 3-5
05.03.2024 – 14:30 – BEL vs. MEX: 8-0
07.03.2024 – 11:00 – BEL vs. BIH
08.03.2024 – 11:00 – NZL vs. BEL
10.03.2024 – 14:30 – BEL vs. ISL

Posted on March 5, 2024 at 21:04 by CP

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