U18 NT back with feet on the ground ahead of World Championship in Istanbul U18 NT back with feet on the ground ahead of World Championship in Istanbul

TILBURG - The U18 national team of Belgium and the Netherlands took on each other in a friendly match. For the Belgians, it was a dress rehearsal. For them, it is a final test before the World Championship in Istanbul. In the first period, they could hold their own but in the second period, the Netherlands gained a lot of self-confidence and were able to run out five goals. The third period was sloppy from both teams but the Dutch were just more convincing than the Belgians in this period too.

Final score: 9-2 (1-2; 6-0; 2-0)

Period 1: You couldn't count the seconds on your two hands or the Dutch had already scored the first goal. They needed 7 seconds to beat the Belgian U18 boys. But it was a wake-up call. Finn Gregory provided the equaliser after half a period on an assist from Toon Geenen. Five minutes later it was reversed Toon Geenen was able to give the Belgians the lead on assist from Finn Gregory.

Period 2: The Belgians were able to put pressure immediately after the break, forcing two consecutive penalties. But four minutes with one more player was not enough. The puck was played around nicely but the boys of the Belgian national team could not create enough big chances. Immediately after the Dutchmen's penalty a counter-attack came and they equalised. The Dutch gained confidence and after a nice individual move by Stijn Adingra, they were in the lead. Both teams changed goalies so that everyone got equal ice time. The next 7 minutes were very difficult for the Belgians. They only got into the attacking box a few times but defensively it was even more difficult. In the last seven minutes, the Dutch were able to run out to 7-2.

Period 3: The Belgians come out of the dressing room with the task of winning this period. They struggle to get the puck into the offensive third. After a lot of sloppiness and poor defending, the Dutch can still get to a goal first. A good pass from Jari Versantvoort and well put away by Donny van Belkom. The Belgians fail to create any more good chances and the match ends 9-2 in favour of the U18 national team of the Dutch.

Picture: Arne Laermans

Posted on February 26, 2024 at 22:18 by AL

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