Team Belgium U18 loses against The Netherlands Team Belgium U18 loses against The Netherlands
SOFIA - Today, Saturday April 1, Team Belgium U18 played the fourth match of its World Championship campaign at the IIHF World Championship DIV2B in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The opponent of this fourth match was The Netherlands.
The Belgians are off to a strong start. We see a hardworking team on the ice. Team Holland picks up quite some penalties and that works in favor of the Belgians. Our boys used the power play to the full twice. Team Belgium scores a first time in the sixth minute against the Dutch who have two men in the penalty box. Toby Gentri hits the puck against the Dutch nets on an assist from Stefan Aben. In the last minute of the first period, Team Belgium is again in the majority on the ice. This time Felix Poitras completes the power play through Eliot Sallendre.
In the second period, Team Belgium continues to press the Dutch goal and it looks like the team will stunt against the favorite and leader of the ranking. However, the Netherlands can keep up. In the 33rd minute, Twanne Haisma can beat Tibe Palinckx via a long-distance shot.
In the third period, Team Holland can close the gap in the fifth minute of the period. The Dutch are getting into their flow and barely two minutes later they score again. With three minutes left on the clock, the Dutch score a fourth time and seal the fate of the Belgians. The game against Australia will be decisive for relegation or not.
Final score BEL vs. NED: 2-4 (2-0; 0-1; 0-3) with goals from Toby Gentri and Felix Poitras.
MVP Team Belgium: #12 Dries Schoovaerts
Competition Schedule
MON 27/03/2023
15h30: BEL vs. TPE: 3-4
TUE 28/03/2023
19h00: BUL vs. BEL: 4-0
THU 30/03/2023
15h30: CHN vs. BEL: 6-2
SAT 01/04/2023
12:00: BEL vs. NED: 2-4
SUN 02/04/2023
12:00: AUS vs. BEL
Posted on April 1, 2023 at 14:42 by CP

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