U18 NT wins 5-6 against Division 1 team Young Chiefs U18 NT wins 5-6 against Division 1 team Young Chiefs

LEUVEN - The national U18 team took on the Young Chiefs today. In the first period, the Young Chiefs were able to attack a few times. But the goals were for the national team. They were able to outscore the Young Chiefs by 4 goals but the Young Chiefs came back to 5-5 in the last period. In minute 56, Toon Geenen was able to provide the winning goal for the national team.

Final score: 5-6 (0-1; 1-3; 4-2)

The Young Chiefs started the match strongly. Some early chances where the national team's defence and goalie had to do their utmost to avoid an goal. The national team quickly got into the match. Many chances and many shots on goal ensured the first goal of the match, in the national team's favour. Guillaume Gommeren scored on an assist from Arsian Van De Brande. The Young Chiefs picked up some penalties but the national team could not take advantage of them. The first period ended 0-1 for the NT.

The national team came strongly out of the dressing room. The Young Chiefs did not get back into the attacking third but goalie Stijn Raeymakers was able to avoid a second goal for a long time. But it had to come. Dries Schoovaerts was able to tap Sjarel Willems' shot past the goalie. Time for a goalie change in the middle of the game. Five minutes later, Toon Geenen scored the 0-3. Less than two minutes later, Daan Vermeulen could already put away the 0-4 during a powerplay. A wide lead for the NT. In the last minute of the period, the Young Chiefs were able to break out  and Warre Vanmontfort scored the 1-4.

The Young Chiefs were awake again at the start of the third period. It took Warre Vanmontfort 35 seconds to halve the NT lead. The game goes from left to right but the Young Chiefs have the most chances. All the chances then allow Thomas Delport to bring the Young Chiefs within one goal of the NT. The NT woke up. Some nice build-ups but no real chances until Finn Gregory gives an ideal pass to Dries Schoovaerts. Who is able to put the one-timer away nicely. Warre Vanmontfort and Sakari van Eecke Laaksonen equalise. But Toon Geenen makes the winning goal. 5-6 in favour of the NT.

Picture: Arne Laermans

Posted on February 22, 2024 at 23:33 by AL

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