U18 Men (Ice)

U18 Men (Ice)
(left to right)

First row

Kristof Verlinden, Dylan Hendrix Dries Schoovaerts, Guylain Turgeon, Robbe Deloprt, Ben Boute, Viktor Ruth, Guillaume Gommeren, Thijs Scheyltjens

Second row

Marc Verlinden, Nawfalk Laeremans, Sjarel Willems, Simon BlanchyRuden Van Bruyssel, Finn Gregory, Jona Difnef, Toon Geenen, Daan Vermeulen, Timo Louage

Third row

Steve Sels, Geoffrey Jouret, Arsiyan Van de Brande, Sasha Gedik, Dillen Berckx, Lucas Pandini, Patrick Mondelaers

Latest news

BEKKEVOORT - After an eventful week, our boys are back home from Istanbul with a well-deserved gold medal. They have rectified last year's relegation from DIV2B to DIV3A! So next year our boys will promote back to DIV2B!

Coach Guylain Turgeon summed it up nicely: "We are extremely happy that we have been able to reach the goal that the team had set for this championship, and we are very proud of the efforts that the players have come up with, while battling through adversity, without a doubt they have created lifetime memories for themselves."

We list all the goals below ... just to enjoy them again! 

Well done boys!

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Posted on March 11, 2024 at 17:53 by CP

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