U20 Worlds: Belgians outrank Chinese Taipei U20 Worlds: Belgians outrank Chinese Taipei

REYKJAVIK – Today, January 20th, Team Belgium U20 also successfully completed the fourth match at the World Championships in Icelandic Reykjavik. The Belgians dominated the entire match against a strong skating Taipei that did not make it easy for the Belgians. However, Rik CUYLEN scored in the first minute of the game on an assist from Thijs VREYS, while Yarne VAEREWYCK put the two on the scoreboard barely 50 seconds later via Warre VANMONTFORT and Stijn RAEYMAEKERS. Halfway through the first period, the Belgians hit bull’s eye again. Once more Rik CUYLEN, this time on a pass from Tobi GENTRY. With 15 seconds left on the clock, the gap widens even further. Lowie VREYS marks the goal, on an assist from brother Thijs and Axel VAN GORP.

In the second period there is a lot of skating back and forth and the Belgians get a few chances, which unfortunately are not used. In the last period, both teams continue to put pressure without much result … until the 55th minute. Warre VAN MONTFOORT blasts the puck past Taipei goalie KAO Hao-Hsuan via Eneas PALMAERTS. It seems as if the match is already over for the Belgians. Not for the Team Taipei, however. They keep the pressure high and with results. In the 58th minute they outwit the Belgians twice. Taipei sees a water chance and with just over a minute left in regular playing time, the coach replaces the goalie for a sixth player. Taipei continues to press but loses the puck. Yarne VAEREWYCK recovers, and skates in a breakaway unimpeded to the opponent's empty goal to drop the puck into it.

Final Score: 2-6 (0-4; 0-0, 2-2) with goals from Rik Cuylen (2), Thijs Vreys, Yarne Vaerewyck (2) and Warre Van Montfoort.

“We started like we need to start every game. By taking a good lead, we had the chance to put everyone in the game. After this pretty good track record, our boys are very motivated and ready for the last game against Serbia. They are pumped,” said a satisfied coach Gil Paelinck after the game.

MVP Team Belgium: Warre Van Montfoort

Game Schedule Team Belgium U20

16.01 – 17h30: BEL vs. CHN: 3-4 OT

17.01 – 21h00: BEL vs. ISL: 5-3 

19.01 – 17h30: BEL vs. MEX: 5-3

20.01 – 17:30: TPE vs. BEL: 2-6

22.01 – 15:30: SRB vs. BEL

Posted on January 20, 2023 at 20:43 by CP

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