U18 Women's Worlds: Belgian Girls blanks Estonia 7-0 U18 Women's Worlds: Belgian Girls blanks Estonia 7-0

SOFIA - Today, January 27, the national women's team U18 played the second match of its World Championship campaign DIV2B in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The opponent of this second match day was Estonia.

The first period is clearly dominated by the Belgian girls. Except for some Estonian 'attacks' in the Belgian defense zone, the game mainly takes place on the side of Estonia. Time and time again, the Belgians get the opportunity to score, play the puck well, but the finish is delayed. Goalie Sofia SALAMATINA keeps her team in the game. Finding a hole to score is just not possible it seems.

Fortunately, that changes in the second period. Once that hole has been found, scoring now appears to be automatic. Barely forty seconds into the second period, Fenna SEMPELS breaks the 'spell' and puts the first goal on the scoreboard via Camille SOMMERSCHUH. Two minutes later, Louise PAULISSEN scored on an assist from Anke STEENO. And one minute later, Camille SOMMERSCHUH nets through Abby AZITEMINA KUDIDILA. In just five minutes, the Belgians have created a gap that will be difficult to close. And the scoring fest continues. In the second half of the period, the trio SEMPELS, SOMMERSCHUH and PAULISSEN doubles the score to a 6-0 lead.

In the third period it becomes more difficult to score again. Louise PAULISSEN finally secured the end score with a seventh goal via Anke STEENO and Noor MEULEBROUCK.

Final score: BEL-EST: 7-0 (0-0; 6-0;1-0) with goals from Sempels (2), Sommerschuh (2), Paulissens (3).

MVP Team Belgium: Abby Azitemina Kudiddila

Game Schedule Team Belgium U18W

26.01.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – ISL vs. BEL: 2-3 OT Victory

27.01.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – BEL vs. EST: 7-0 Victory

29.01.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – KAZ vs. BEL

31.01. 2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – BEL vs. NZL

01.02.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – BUL vs. BEL  


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