U18 Women's Worlds: Belgian Girls U18 also beat host Bulgaria! U18 Women's Worlds: Belgian Girls U18 also beat host Bulgaria!

SOFIA - Today, February 1, was the fifth and last match day of the U18 national women's team, their final game at the DIV2B World Cup in the Bulgarian capital Sofia. The opponent of this fifth day was host country Bulgaria. The home team is never an obvious opponent due to the home advantage and certainly not as the last game to play after an exhausting tournament, furthermore without minimizing the stakes of the match: silver for the winner, bronze for the loser.

The constant pressure from the Bulgarians is high, but the Belgians toughen up. Halfway through the first period, however, our girls endure a first goal against. Two minutes later, however, Abby AZITEMINA KUDIDILA equalizes the score for Team Belgium!

Immediate focus from our girls in the second period. Less than half a minute after the face-off, Anke STEENO scores via a combination of Noor MEULEBROUCK and Louise PAULISSEN! Our girls are on a roll, and they are increasing the pressure on the Bulgarian goal this time… and with success… Noor MEULEBROUCK hits the net in the scramble in front of the Bulgarian goal! The gap is widening, but not for long. Because in a quick counterattack, the Bulgarians close the gap with a second goal. With a player in the penalty box for each team, Team Belgium once again makes its mark in the defensive zone of the Bulgarians via Louise PAULISSEN who scores the fourth goal for Team Belgium on a pass from Anke STEENO. Our girls are playing top-notch. Halfway through the period, Anke STEENO further widens the gap via Noor MEULEBROUCK. However, the Bulgarians have not yet fallen asleep and almost immediately score against.

In the last period, our girls continue their mission. Camille SOMMERSCHUH puts the six on the scoreboard. With five minutes left on the clock, the Bulgarians score their fourth goal, but in vain. What an achievement for a first participation in a World Championship!

Final Score: BUL-BEL: 4-6 (1-1; 2-4; 1-1) with goals from Abby AZITEMINA KUDIDILA, Anke STEENO (2), Noor MEULEBROUCK & Louise PAULISSEN

MVP Team Belgium: #17 Louise PAULISSEN

Track Record Team Belgium U18W

26.01.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – ISL vs. BEL: 2-3 OT Victory

27.01.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – BEL vs. EST: 7-0 Victory

29.01.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – KAZ vs. BEL: 5-3 Defeat

31.01. 2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – BEL vs. NZL: 3-2 Victory

01.02.2023 – 16:30 (15:30) – BUL vs. BEL: 4-6 Victory  


Posted on February 1, 2023 at 18:04 by CP