Mike Pellegrims: All times best Belgian player

Without any doubt Mike Pellegrims is the best Belgian player ever. Career summary:

Mike Pellegrims (°01.04.1968) started his career in 1975 with Phantoms Deurne. At the age of 12, promising Mike transferred for 3 junior years to Tilburg Trappers. He returned to Phantoms in 1983 and started off on their first senior team. He was transferred two years later to Olympia Heist op den Berg to join the renowned Polish coach Adam Kopczynsky. It soon proved that Mike was exceptionally talented and in 1987 he joined the Dutch top team from the mining town - Geleen (because of his previous stay with Tilburg Trappers, he wasn't considered an import in the Dutch competition). He chose to stay there for 6 years with a one year interval in Utrecht.

Next stop; France. Its top team "Brest" accommodated him with a two year stay bringing them two titles, after which he left Brittany to join the German Elite team of Mannheim for three magnificent seasons.
"Mike Pellegrims" became a top player with our Eastern neighbours and in 1999 he was transferred to Berlin for two years. After those, the well known # 68 joined Düsseldorf for another 5 years. During his last season bringing them the vice championship. Mid 2006 the "warrior" moved to Kassel, his 10th team - surprisingly enough he lost the #8 off his shirt and is now playing with # 6! After 10 years in Germany he took on the German Nationality. Mike played 7 W.C wearing the Belgian colours. He was chosen four times into the W.C. all-star team. He played over 500 DEL competition games and was selected an "all-star" in Germany in 2001.

Posted on September 1, 2013 at 02:31 by OVB