Équipe Nationale Belge Féminine: Tournoi Dames les 13 et 14 avril 2013 à Leuven

The Belgian National Women Team is pleased to invite your club to participate in our annual

All Star Tournament. The All Star Girls Cup Tournament is held April 13/14, 2013 in LEUVEN (Belgium).

Saturday the games take place from 09.00 AM till 8.00 PM, on Sunday from 8.00 AM till 2.00 PM. Each team will play a minimum of 7 tournament games.

Entry fee is 395,00 euro. Players and coaches can have a meal (lunch/dinner) at the ice rink for 7.50 euro.

If you are interested in participating please click on Johan.bollue@rbihf.be (Sports Director RBIHF) and/or on the pdf link here below.

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