RBIHF Coaching clinic 2022 COACH LEVEL ONE (1)
RBIHF Coaching clinic 2022 COACH LEVEL ONE (1)
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RBIHF National Coaching Clinic

This course will be provided in ENGLISH

Entry level or upgrade from LTP , will allow you to work with U14-U16 during competition and friendly games in Belgium. The course the provide you insight of age appropriate training and building practice drills.

The certificate is mandatory by the RBIHF to coach the U14 and U16 players.

The program is divided in different parts

  • The 2-day theoretical course
  • Theoretical evaluation (open book)
  • Practical evaluation during in club practices during the season
  • Practical evaluation at the end of the season during game and/or practice.

Following the passing of the theoretical evaluation the participant will receive a temporary Coach Level ONE (1) licence for the 2022-2023 season that allows him/she to coach U14 and U16.
At the end of the season following practical evaluation during a practice or game the certification will be completed and received by the participant.

The 2-day clinic in ANTWERP SEPTEMBER 10-11 are essential (attendance is mandatory)
day planning will be received 2 weeks prior to the course.

Applications will close Monday September 5.

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